Healthy Lighting
Benefits  humans as plants do
We do lighting design
In Pencilight we design Healthy light with passion,
using the most sophisticated technology.

What we can do

Lighting industry is benig growing so fast in the last decade, being specialized in and focused on modern design and technolgy we provide tailored lighting solutions to our business clients, in three main categories.

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Healthy Lighting concept

The concept of Healthy lighting has improved rapidly within the last decade. This is due to the recent discovery of special photoreceptor cells in the eye. These cells that do not aid with sight, but instead help with controlling our body’s physiology. In order to design a Healthy Light system we focus on the interdisciplinary balance between the parameters of artificial lighting, natural daylight, architecture and technology creates the right light at the right time for each use.

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The entire lighting system equipments

To deliver the accurate results of a Healthy lighting system, we need to have the right Luminairs, sensors, controls, software .. etc, which is the most difficult part in lighting industry, choosing from tons of suppliers allover the world makes the task even more tough, specially when it come to the invisible features of a light source. That's why we provide the entire system solutions from the right and certified suppliers to our clients, in order to match the promised results with the real ones.
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On site
Light measuring

Unlike the archetictural design, light is not easy to measure and match with the renders. Unlike painting, fabrics, and material, light has so many parameters and some of them are invisble. therfore we use the latest advanced tech devices, which allow our clients to test and proof the final results in reality and compare it to the lighting design profiles and technical presentations.
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